The Story of American Fried Chicken

Our Founder

The founder of American Fried Chicken, Les Hanna has been actively involved in the takeaway restaurant business since 1973.  His real passion in life is food and he is good at it, really good at it!

He has built up a multi award winning takeaway restaurant in Adelaide and even taken time out in California (USA) to run a hugely successful pizza and pasta restaurant.

Multiple Menulog awards

Les’s passion for producing great tasting food infuses itself into the flavours of his creations and has given him a huge legion of loyal customers. His Adelaide based takeaway regularly feeds more than 4000 happy customers every week and has won Multiple Menulog awards being selected from over 9000 restaurants across the whole of Australia.

Creating food that puts a smile on your face and makes you nod your head and think ‘Oh yes, this is just so good,’ is the reason why Les’s takeaway business has won so many awards. He likes to create food that just tastes so delicious that you literally don’t want the whole taste experience to end.

American Fried Chicken Coating

Whist living in California, Les was fascinated by peoples enduring love for fried chicken and set about a year long journey to develop his own Kentucky style fried chicken coating.

Cracking the code to creating a taste bud tingling, golden crunchy coating around a mouth-watering, juicy piece of fresh chicken was no easy task.  Average or OK was just not going to be acceptable, Les wanted to create a taste and flavour that was a real crowd pleaser; something that delivered such a hit of flavour and joy that all you want to do is take the next bite and the next bite and the next!

One of the Tastiest Chicken Coatings

Les endlessly tested 100s of combinations of herbs and spices trying to ensure that he could deliver a crispy golden texture and a big flavour hit. There was just no stopping him trying different seasonings, breading, flours and different cooking methods until finally his persistence payed off, and he had the recipe for American Fried Chicken.

So today, we can offer you, what we think is one of the tastiest Kentucky style chicken coatings around.  It is pre-blended, so you don’t have to spend hours shopping for ingredients, all you need is your favourite cut of chicken, milk, eggs and oil.  Even better, when you serve up your home cooked version of this favourite and it tastes this good, you will be the hero in the kitchen. Now you can enjoy all the excitement and taste of a takeaway without leaving the comfort of your home.