Our American Fried Chicken Coating

American Fried Chicken

It’s time to enjoy a home cooked Kentucky style chicken that delivers a flavour hit that is so joyous you will just want to take the next bite and the next bite and the next.  Now you can serve up that feeling and create your own taste sensation from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Delicious, quick and easy

American Fried Chicken is a taste bud tingling, pre-blended coating for creating Kentucky style fried chicken at home. It is designed to be quick and easy and packs a real flavour hit which can be on the plate in less than half an hour. If you have ever tried creating a homecooked Kentucky style masterpiece from a recipe you will know it can be a half day project in the kitchen, with a huge shopping list of products (that you will probably never use again) and even then, you will be unsure of what you will get at the end.

Pre-blended for a consistent taste sensation

At American Fried Chicken we have decided to take all the guess work and the huge shopping list out of it and that’s why we have created a flavoursome, tried and tested, pre-mixed coating product.  Creating our Kentucky Style, American Fried Chicken is quick, easy and you only need 4 other ingredients, all of which are likely to be in your fridge or pantry. There’s no more arguing over who gets the leg or the breast, you choose exactly what pieces you want cook, its fresh and done in less than half an hour; And the best part, you, as the chef can take the satisfaction and credit for this marvellous and authentic flavour creation.

You have all of the creative control to make your favorites, you can choose  drumsticks, breast, tenders, nuggets or even wraps and burgers.

It’s your chicken, your way!