Frequently Asked Questions


Why American Fried Chicken

We have tried and tested hundreds of recipes on the internet to create our awesome coating. We have spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen and spent thousands of dollars trying to recreate the taste of the crowd pleaser that everyone loves.

In our opinion, nothing we tried could deliver both the flavour and texture that we associate with Kentucky Style Chicken, so we set out to remedy that.  No more will you need to spend hours following recipes only to be disappointed by the end result.

We think our coating is the most authentic Kentucky style chicken coating on the market and to ensure quality and flavour we have pre-mixed it, so you can get consistent results.  Once you have tasted it for yourself, we are sure you will be coming back time and time again for more.



Does your product contain gluten?
Yes, the product contains wheat and gluten and is not recommended for celiacs.

Can I use soy milk for the egg wash?
Yes, soy milk works equally as well as cows milk.

I am allergic to eggs can I use egg substitutes?
Unfortunately, we do not recommend using egg substitutes as the egg wash is an integral part of the coating.



  • Can I use frozen Chicken?
    Yes but please allow it to thaw fully before cooking
  • Can I use pre-cooked chicken?
    Never use pre-cooked chicken always use raw, uncooked chicken
  • Can I pre-coat the chicken pieces and then fry them later or the next day?
    We recommend coating and cooking the chicken following the methods described.  Pre-coating the chicken can cause the coating mix to become too ‘wet’ and may affect the crispiness of the end product.
  • Can I cook the chicken in an oven?
    This coating is unsuitable for oven cooking.
  • Do I need to take the skin off the chicken?
    For best results we recommend taking the skin off the chicken as this gives the crispiest coating.
  • Does it matter if I use light milk?
    Please use your regular milk full fat or light work equally well
  • Does it matter what oil I use?
    We recommend using any generic or branded vegetable oil or vegetable oil blend.


  • Can I keep any leftover egg wash for use another day?
    Always discard unused egg wash after use.
  • Can I keep any leftover coating in the bowl for use another day?
    All leftover coating should be discarded after use.
  • Can I keep any leftover fried chicken and how do I reheat it?
    Yes, leftover chicken can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.  Always reheat in a microwave according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Never reheat chicken in an oven or hot oil.
  • Can I keep any leftover oil from my saucepan/frying pan?
    Yes you can keep leftover oil for use again. Let oil cool, filter and store in an air tight container.